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Zari - Golden threads

Zari is a very fine golden or silver thread used for opulent embroidery (see Zardozi) or to create brocade for traditional Indian garments. Brocade is a weaving technique that makes it look like the main fabric was embroidered upon and gives a look of low relief on the fabric. In Indian garments, Zari is usually the intricate golden strip at the edge of the cloth or the shiny small designs spread around the garment.
It is believed that during the Vedic age (around 3000 years ago) the attires of the gods were adorned with zari which gave the technique a distinguished place amongst Indian crafts. The technique became most popular during the Mughal era and was used for royal garments.

Zari was created by covering a thread of silk or another material with a thin strip of flattened gold or silver. Nowadays, zari threads are mostly made of copper or metallic threads (imitation-zari and metallic zari), but pure gold and silver are still used for the most expensive designs and clothing.

Zari is usually used for the weaving of cloth for garments and saris, or the threads are used in more elaborate embroidery work (such as Zardozi) for beautiful wedding dresses. We offer this beautiful weaving in the form of table decorations! Feel like a king or queen this holiday season when you decorate your table with these beautiful Zari table runners and napkins!

Discover our Table & Christmas decorations made with Zari technique!

Zari - Golden threads Zari - Golden threads Zari - Golden threads Zari - Golden threads Zari - Golden threads Zari - Golden threads
  • December 02, 2016
  • Shirin Ressang

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