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Ceramic mooncake molds

€29.00 EUR

Ceramic round/oval molds for the top of Mooncakes. They can now be used to hold small items, like soap.

Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during the Mooncake Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival) in China to celebrate the harvest, the moon and family reunions. Friends, family or business partners offer each other the delicious round pastries which are filled with red bean or lotus seed paste and may contain the yolk of a duck’s egg. The round shape symbolizes the completeness en reunion of families. The top of mooncakes bear imprints of auspicious Chinese characters, the name of the bakery or the image of the Lunar Goddess or the Moon Rabbit.

Age: 80 years old
Colour: White, brown
Material: Ceramic
Origin: Fujian province, China
Size (LxWxH): 8x8x2cm
  • SKU: 1743A

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