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Glazed earthenware opium pillows

€175.00 EUR

These pillows were used in opium dens in China from the 19th century onwards. People would put their money and valuables in the pillow through the hole and would lay down to smoke their opium. By pushing the open end against the wall and laying their head on the pillow, their valuables were protected even when the owners were intoxicated. The smokers claimed that the opium made the pillow feel as soft as a cloud and the glazed earthenware was nice and cool against their head.
Both pillows offered are slightly weathered due to age, but still in very good quality. One is turquoise and other is white with turquoise spots.

Origin: Guang Dong province, China
Material: Earthenware
Age: 1920
Size: W c 20 – 25 cm (c 8 – 10 in.)

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