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Long decorative weaving reed

€20.00 EUR

Not many people nowadays have a use for weaving looms to hand weave their own tapestries and textiles. So what can we do with loose pieces of old, but decorative looking, weaving tools and other household objects? We love the modern looking (but actually antique) weaving reeds as decorative objects the most. These long and narrow reeds are made of bamboo and cane and can add an elegant country style touch to your interior. They can be placed on a metal stand or, if you are looking for something functional, they can be used as unique trays for tiny cups, small bowls or plates! Frankly, we think that they look great with small tea lights!

Age: c1900-1950
Colour: natural, brown
Material: bamboo, cane
Origin: Shanxi and Zhejiang province, China
Size (LxWxH): c50-60 x c10 x 1 cm
  • SKU: 3772A

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