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Elegance of Imperfection


The wabi-sabi aesthetic: an appreciation for the imperfect objects in your home, whether caused by age or natural formation.

This Japanese philosophy is in complete contrast with Western ideal of beauty by perfection. Take a moment to see the beauty in a lovely repaired crack or in a tender, delicate flower!

The Wabi-Sabi collection are all objects selected especially for their imperfections. Give your home a touch of unique beauty, natural serenity and the elegance of age.

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Wabi: Twists of Nature

Wabi might mean the understated elegance and quietness of nature: twisty branches, flowers blooming and petals falling from trees. Or the quirky fingerprint left in the clay and asymmetries in handmade objects. Imperfections are part of nature and therefore beautiful!

Elegance of Imperfection collage

Sabi: Patina of Time

Elegance of Imperfection collage

All things are alive and life leaves its marks. Wear and tear are imprinted by time in the surface of antique objects. Unique patinas and marks of repair are all part of the life of objects. Just like scars and wrinkles in skin, they remind us that beauty comes with age!

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