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Bi-disc in White tones

€65.00 EUR

We just love these minimal, elegant white Bi-discs!

Bi-discs are very versatile decorative objects in combination with other decorations to create a stunning setting in your interior. You can hang them on the wall, frame them, or put them on a stand and combine several colours and different sizes. This way they enforce each other and form a beautiful still-life.

The Bi-Disc is mostly a round, carved and polished disc with a hole in the middle. The form dates back from the Neolithic period and was scarcely decorated. Later pieces were sometimes decorated with patterns, animals or characters. They were used as a status or religious symbol and researchers guess their meaning had to do with the sun or the afterlife. Jade was thought to preserve a body, so a jade bi-disc was also used in funeral practises although only for rich and important people.

In China, jade remains a very popular material for objects due to its hardness, color variety and beauty after polishing. A jade bi-disc was also considered a connection between the earth and the sky and therefore a power and status symbol of the ruling class.

Our Bi discs are made of Jade, Marble or Soap stone, which are sometimes colored. The photos represent the product very well, but because stone is a natural material, small changes in color, finish and size are acceptable.

Includes a black metal base with a height dependant on the disc size. Please note that total height can differ 1-2 cm depending on the size of the hole in the middle which can vary slightly.

disc size 40cm = base height 37cm, total height incl base 50cm
disc size 30cm = base height 33cm, total height incl base 42cm
disc size 25cm = base height 29cm, total height incl base 36cm
disc size 20cm = base height 24cm, total height incl base 29cm
disc size 15cm = base height 20cm, total height incl base 25cm
disc size 12cm = base height 20cm. total height incl base 23cm

The photos represent the product very well, but because these are unique items, small changes in color, finish and size are acceptable.

Material: Jade, Marble, Soap stone
Age: Newly made

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