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Cylinder alabaster candle holder

€32.50 EUR

Enjoy a warm and cozy ambiance in your home with these magical looking alabaster tea light holders!

The soft-focused light is created by the translucency of the alabaster, showing its subtle veins and beautiful natural colour variations.

Each alabaster candle holder is handcrafted in Egypt. Cutting the stone is carefully done by hand over several days to make sure the crystals within the stone do not break.

Because the candle holders are handcrafted and alabaster is a natural occurring stone, subtle differences in size and colour are accepted. This gives each piece a unique and natural charm!

Mix and match the tea lights in different sizes, shapes and colours to create playful settings! See all other alabaster candle holders we have in stock!

Care instructions:
Do not use water to clean! Alabaster will be damaged by water.
Clean with a soft brush or cleaning cloth. For heavier stains, carefully use fine sandpaper.Make sure no wax will stick to the alabaster when using tea lights. Placing sand on the bottom of the tea light is recommended. Or use a LED light! Artificial lights do not diminish the magical glow of alabaster!

XS: 8x8x10 cm
S: 9x9x15 cm
M: 10,5x10,5x20 cm
L: 12,5x12,5x25 cm
Colour: off-white
Age: new
Origin: Egypt
Material: Alabaster stone

  • SKU: 4847A-1

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