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Antique Delfts blue ginger jar

€395.00 EUR

These antique pots are classic additions to any interior! Their blue and white glaze and decorative motifs have been popular ever since porcelain was imported from China to Europe 500 years ago! Known in the West as ginger jars for their shape and frequent use to store spices, these pots have actually only been used as interior decoration. These pots have been decorated with flower and geometrical motifs.

Because porcelain becomes more fragile over the ages, the lids from these pots have been broken or lost. Nevertheless, these pots have great decorative qualities! Their antique character makes them stand out in modern interiors, while their bright colours make them pop up in the more shabby chic styles.

The photos represent the product very well, but because these are unique items, small changes in color, finish, size are acceptable.

Age: 1880
Colour: Blue, white
Material: Porcelain
Origin: Zhejiang province, China

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