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About Us - SERES Collection, asian home decorations & furniture

Seres Collection is driven by a small but dedicated team devoted to find unique and beautiful decoration and furniture pieces across the Far East that can add a special touch to your interior.


Our great joy is roaming the various Asian country sides and discovering strange items. We are passionate about the sophistication and originality of design found in countries like China, Nepal, Tibet and Indonesia, and we would like to share this enthusiasm with you!

BargainingEvery piece of home decorations or furniture is individually selected by us and bargained for in the countries of origin, and has an own unique story. Yes, we would like to know why this nice terracotta pot has three ears or why this brick has so many holes in it! The stories behind our articles are sometimes difficult to bring to light, as young people don’t always know what certain items were used for. So it takes time (and lots of sitting, smoking and drinking with elders) to listen to their fascinating tales. Besides the attraction of their outward appeal, we are strong believers that we can give our products that extra dimension of interest by revealing their individual background story to you!

Besides handling our collection, many of our hours are also spent surfing the web, visiting exhibitions, or gobbling up interior design magazines in search for new ideas and inspirations, so we can help you find the perfect addition to your interior! Our team has over 10 years of experience in this business. With so many years of travelling, buying and selling, we have established a trusted network of local suppliers and contacts.

Whatever your interior design style, we would advise you gladly on how to integrate our collection in your home interior!

Seres Collection is only found online and delivers all over Europe (and beyond) from our warehouse in Belgium. With well-established international and local delivery and payment options, this makes our central location the perfect base for serving our international clients.

If you have any questions regarding your location or our products, we would always be happy to answer them! Just get in touch!


We aim to bring you unique and one-of-a-kind items that will transform your interior to a warm and personalized extension of yourself. We bring you a part of the world to call your own. Whatever your style, we advise you gladly on how to integrate our collection in your interior.
Your home. - your place in this world
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