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Oil lamp bowl

€95.00 EUR

These beautiful antique earthenware bowls were used as oil lamp holders around three hundred years ago! Due to age and use the glazed inside has obtained a blue/off-white/beige colour. The bowl was filled up with oil and, held by the small tap at the side, was put on top of a candle holder or oil lamp. We are very enthusiastic about these bowls because of the amazing, soft colours and the simple design. You can use them as candle holder, soap holder or even as a dish to hold small chocolates for tea or coffee!

The photos represent the product very well, but because these are unique items, small changes in color, finish, size are acceptable.

Age: Ming dynasty, ca1700
Size (LxWxH): 10x10x3 cm
Colour: Beige, offwhite, blue
Material: Ceramic
Origin: Guangdong province, China
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