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Stone Egg

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In Japan, suiseki is the art of appreciation of naturally formed stones. People have been collecting interesting stones for centuries and placed them in their interior to look upon them as natural works or art or spiritual inspiration. In the West, these stones are called ‘viewing stones’ and are displayed for their intrinsic beauty in colour or patterns.

These stones can easily become ‘viewing stones’: they have the curious shape and size of big oval dinosaur eggs, formed without human handling! The stone itself is covered in a web-like pattern that is slightly raised from the surface. Their cores are various shades of white and pink crystals.

Since the mountains in which these eggs were found are formed of quartz sandstone, there is a great possibility that these rocks are quartzite. How amazing that nature has created this! Their simple shape, their rough texture and natural patterns make these stone eggs beautiful items of decoration in any interior.

Colour: Grey brown
Material: Stone
Origin: Henan province, China
Size (LxWxH): 15x10x15cm

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