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Wabi Sabi

The marks of wabi-sabi

Wabisabi style promotes an intuitive feel for the harmony in your surroundings. It is a gentle aesthetic that lets you quietly enjoy and contemplate the simple pleasures in your home. Can you see the beauty in the most natural and simple things in your surroundings?

Imperfect wabi sabi stitched pots with flower

Japanese origins

Wabi and sabi have formed the basis for traditional Japanese beauty for centuries. Instead of reaching for perfection as the Old Greeks did, the Japanese embraced imperfection, based on teachings from Buddhism. Wabi and sabi are an important part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This ceremony is a reminder we are all imperfect and we should cherish that imperfection.

rough imperfect cracked wall
unique weathered red pot with old rope
old japanese tree root structure
black pot with flower on wooden bench in wabi sabi interior
old brick wall with crack


Imperfections from nature are also called ‘flawed beauty’. But also the marks of craftsmanship can be seen as something beautiful in wabi-sabi design.

yellow autumn flower wabi sabi philosophy
eastern tree branch


Nothing is ever finished. Nature keeps changing, growing and reaching. When is something ever complete and finished?

imperfect bowl with old flowers
white washed old pot
texture of old tree signifying wabi sabi uniqueness
wabi sabi rustic interior with repurposed table
flower blossoms in japanese minimal style


Natural processes result in irregularities, weathered surfaces and objects which have clearly felt the bite of time. A motto of Wabi-sabi design is “If nothing lasts forever, now is the time to enjoy it!”

old brick wall with imperfect cracks
old tree texture
japanese old painting on rough wood


The most obvious example of a wabi-sabi is repaired pottery: due to time or use, the pot was broken, but with love and care it was glued or stitched back together. Placing such pottery in your interior and admiring it is a true sign you enjoy wabi-sabi design!

Remember: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect

weathered painted door on old wall
unique home decor in wabi sabi style with pottery lamp and weathered chinese bench
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