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Rhythm of the River


The Yellow River, flowing from Tibet all the way to the Eastern Chinese Sea, is seen as the birthplace of Chinese civilisation.

Passing along mountains, leaping through canyons, flooding plains and meandering along giant forests, the Yellow River has always been a source of life for the people living along its shores. The very first pottery was sculpted from the river clay thousands of years ago and its waters fed the ever thirsty rice fields that sprung up along the shores.

Life was extremely harsh and uncertain for the farmers whose lives depended upon the whims of the river. Their equipment and tools were made to last, not to be admired for its beauty. But today, we can look upon these items and call them beautiful. In the uneven patina and the weathered surfaces we can see the story of the hard working farmers and the ever present river.

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Main ingredients for the Natural & Rustic home

  • All natural and neutral colours to keep the space light and calm
  • Highlight weathered surfaces on your furniture
  • Use natural materials, such as wood, stone, bamboo & metal
  • Living greens and flowers devoid your home of stress
  • For decorative lights, repurpose pots and pieces of wood as lamps or candle holders
Rhythm of the River collage
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