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Harmony of the Mind


Zen practices, such as meditations, long walks in the forest and yoga in the morning, are more popular then ever, and no wonder. Surrounded by technology, constant social media, busy appointments; our bodies and minds are sometimes overwhelmed with stress and information.

Our homes should have at least one place where we find ourselves without stress and free to relax. Free of clutter, no distractions from a TV or computer, and a room full of sunlight. Sometimes we should just breathe and be mindful of the stress we heap on our body every day; nature, soothing sounds and even meditation objects help us to remember to relax.

We selected these meditation objects and Buddha statues to help you integrate some positive and restful energy in your home.

Let stress float away from your body and home.

Let flows of thought rise and fall like waves on the sea.

There is silence.

Harmony of the Mind collage
Harmony of the Mind collage

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


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