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Small square container

€30.00 EUR

Dark wooden square container that was used on Chinese markets to measure rice with. The little rice containers are all roughly the same shape and can hold the same unit of rice, easier than weighting the amount of rice all the time!

We love the delicate indentations that fit the edges perfectly together. No nails were used to make these little cups and the lacquer and varnish made the containers even waterproof. The container is slightly broader at the top than at bottom. This made stacking of the containers easier. The sides and edges are worn smooth and uneven by use and time. The lacquer has mostly worn away and the varnish is thin at the edges. However, the rice containers are still very firm and stable! With their simple form and weathered character, these rice containers are perfect to hold some small items like pens or keys, but can also hold little plants!

The photos represent the product very well, but because these are unique items, small changes in color, finish, size are acceptable.

Origin: Shanxi province, China
Age: c. 1900
Material: elm wood
Colour: Dark brown, natural
Finish: Varnish, traces of old lacquer
Dimensions: 15x15x10cm

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