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5 tips to Cool down your interior this Summer

We just survived some really hot days with ice cubes in our lemonade and the air conditioning or electric fans on full blast! But there are more ways to keep cool this season and that is to transform your living spaces into a refreshing haven with a few simple decor changes!

  • Bring in some living greens in the house! Green plants bring moisture and a breath of fresh air into rooms. Tall enough plants can create a nice, cool shade indoors and outdoors. And of course, plants make your interior looking fresh and inviting. A simple and natural way to de-stress as well!
  • Use natural textiles. Polyester will make you overheat. Cotton sheets on your bed or cashmere blankets on the couch feel light and cool on your body in the evenings and at night!
  • No rugs in the room! Avoid trapping heat by keeping your floors bare. If you really want floor coverings, use a natural fabric like hemp that is intrinsically cool. Change heavy drapes for some sheer and light curtains to let in the sunlight, but avoid the extra heat.
  • Declutter. Keep the areas around the windows decluttered for easy access and good air circulation. Move your decorations to the table or cabinets.
  • Lighten up your interior Create a summer space with light coloured decorations and accessories. Avoid the decorations with dark colours which makes your interior look heavy. Dark colours absorb all the warmth from sunlight which is what you want to avoid! Summer is all about breezy colours that have a cooling effect on your mood when applied in your interior!
  • July 14, 2017
  • Margret Ressang

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