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Seres Collection and Wabi Sabi

You have probably read about it already in interior styling magazines or seen it while scrolling and browsing on Pinterest and Instagram: Wabi Sabi in your interior is hot!

This centuries-old Japanese philosophy about the beauty found in simplicity and imperfection is eagerly applied in many interiors. We (and the internet) love the weathered furniture, old patinas, Asian antiques, unique decorations, and the serenity they bring to an interior. But this philosophy is also being applied to holistic lifestyles as a medicine against accumulated stress of daily life. 

Why is the Seres Collection so passionate about the concepts of wabi and sabi? (Read more: what is wabi sabi)

For us at Seres Collection the philosophy is more than mere buzzwords or that annoying clickbait you get when you look up 'wabi sabi' in a search engine. Unique imperfection, serenity and a cool background story; that is what Seres Collection is all about!

We truly believe that imperfection brings beauty to an object. Every decoration we select for our collection has something flawed which makes it extra special and beautiful. A pot can sport a repair, a chair is uneven and weathered, an aged patina on wood,... Just take a look at the collection! Imperfections arise from use and time or because they are handmade. Instead of hiding these flaws we highlight them!

Day after day, we experience more stress in our daily lives. We would like to keep that stress away when we return to our homes and savour our family and environment. Remove the mess in your living space and remove all objects that do not inspire joy in your life! An old and much loved object brings serenity and a relaxing ambiance with it. That is the feeling we want in our homes!

Every object is tied to a story. A beautiful imperfection is only the first step; to fall in love, you need to get to know the object! That is why we always try our utmost best to get the story of an object. Who made it? What for? What is the meaning of special decorations? What is the history of these objects?

A decorative object with a background story is a decoration which will bring joy and inspiration to your home!

The concepts of wabi and sabi can be applied to any kind of interior: rustic, shabby chic, eclectic or even classic. You want to create a peaceful atmosphere in your living space and savour the uniqueness of your home. Of course we would love to help you with that through our collection!
  • March 01, 2019
  • Margret Ressang

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