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Feng Shui Tips 2017: How do your surroundings influence you?

In our previous post, we talked about the Chinese New Year and its traditions. Did you already prepared a bit for the upcoming Year of the Rooster by, for example, cleaning your house to let good luck and prosperity flow in? In this post we will talk about another Chinese tradition that can help you and your house attract auspiciousness: Feng shui, or the art of balancing energies of surroundings and its people. Feng shui is still very populair in China and is being applied to architecture, landscaping, interior decorating and even for the proper placement of graves! By placing objects, natural materials and buildings in calculated directions inside the house or environment, you would profit from positive energy and attract wealth and success. At Disneyland Hong Kong they even repositioned the entrance to the side due to feng shui auspiciousness!

The interesting topic of feng shui is also linked to the influence of Chinese New Year. Every new year brings new influences on the positive and negative energies in your house. Even though it is very interesting, it is also pretty difficult to understand and apply. How do you calculate the proper placements in your interior with compasses, star alignment, the energy in your house and the influence of heavenly animals and elements? Let’s not be overwhelmed with those small details, but try to use some broad feng shui tips for a positive interior in 2017!

General Feng Shui Tips:

  • Take care not to obstruct the natural pathways in your house so the positive energy can flow freely. You should be able to open doors and windows without hindrance of furniture or decorations. Free all hallways of clutter.
  • Do you need more tranquility in your bedroom for a good night sleep? Do not put your bed near the door or in a direct line with the door. The constant stream of energy through doors would keep you awake.
  • Your bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, used for rest and romance. Try to maintain this intimate energy by banning desks, sport equipment and TVs from the bedroom. Do you want to keep these objects in your room? Cover them at night with a throw or put them in a closed closet.
  • Light is important! Waking up with the sun or enjoying the natural light in your house during the day brings happiness. If you do not have a lot of windows or natural light, it is best to look for good focus lights in work spaces and warm dimmed lights, like table lamps, in your living room and bedroom. Illumination attracts positive energy, positive energy attracts wealth and success. One of the reasons many Chinese business leave on some lights at night!

More specific feng shui tips for 2017:

  • Is there a busy room or a main entrance to the house looking towards the West? In 2017, negative energy can arise in this corner of the house. Place some red decorations in the busy room or at the main entrance to dispel the negativity.
  • Is your bedroom or office workspace placed in the Eastern corner of the building? That is great news in 2017 because abundance and romance can come your way! Acquire decorations and lighting in warm colours for these rooms and take care to clear the rooms of all clutter. Take care not to start any heavy renovations in the Eastern corner! Too much loud noise can attract bad luck to these rooms in 2017!

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  • January 25, 2017
  • Margret Ressang

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