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Furniture Solutions for Small Spaces


Many small rooms and spaces feel cramped if you try to add pieces of furniture. Seating arrangements can become a hassle when family and friends come over. Small apartments need to optimise their space to stay comfy and inviting. The worst experience is searching for functional furniture that can be difficult to find and are often very cheap looking. 

Do not let small spaces get you down! Below you will find some tips and ideas on how to optimise your space and create a fantastic living environment!





Side tables, coffee tables, dressoirs, bookshelves,… So many flat surfaces to squeeze into a space! Your living room does not need every kind of workable surface if you want to optimise the space.

Get creative; why not use a couple of smaller tables together as a coffee table? Or invest in a small coffee table that can be used as a side table as well. If you need the space, you can push the tables back against the walls again. This flexible furniture arrangement allows you to create interesting shapes in the center of the room!


Tables do not need to be very high. In a room with a low ceiling, a high object can optically shrink the size of the room. Better search for a table with short legs as a coffee table! Low tables are extra functional if you need to create more floor space: just push them underneath another table or couch. 


Do you want a stylish side table, but also more places for guests to comfortable sit? A simple wooden stool can serve you well as a small side table for your books or even a lamp. Clear the surface and you have a rustic or Shabby Chic seat that can be placed anywhere!



Chairs and Stools


Wing chairs and comfy couches take up a lot of space in any home. Place these large pieces of furniture against the wall or at least away from the center of the room. Now you have more space for smaller furniture that can make your space comfy, but not crowded.



A rustic stool as side table

Invest in some small stools! Do not worry about cheap looking seats. Simple stools can look stylish too and can offer some fascinating tales for your interior. Check out these Chinese student stools which you can stack in a corner when not used or place it beside your couch as a simple side table. You would be surprised, but these simple seats are real eye-catchers in interiors!


Use stools as side tables. If you are afraid the flat space is too narrow or small, place a tray on top! Now you do not have to worry your tea cup or magazines will slide off.


Stools can also be used as interior decoration instead of functional furniture. These miniature chairs were used as portable seats or were even small enough to be used as pillows! You can place them now on a table or put them underneath a lamp for elevation! Your imagination is the limit!


Wooden stool as candleholder Mini antique wooden stool used as candle and soap holder


  • April 28, 2017
  • Margret Ressang

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