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Bi-disc in Light Yellow tones

€65.00 EUR

Bi-discs are flat, jade or stoneware discs with a round hole in the middle. They have been used as symbols, ritual objects and status symbols in Ancient China for over 6000 years! The original function of the bi-disc is shrouded in mystery, but might have something to do with Heaven and the afterlife because many discs were found as ancient grave-gifts. The most impressive bi-discs were made with jade; a stone that supposedly had magical properties and was considered the most precious of all stones according to the Chinese.

These lovely yellow-toned bi-discs are newly made and are very popular in interior decoration. Combine them with bi-discs in other sizes and other colours to create impressive decorative settings or put them together with other objects. The yellow colours will brighten up your interior and bring some sunshine in the room!

Includes a black metal base with a base height of 19cm.

The photos represent the product very well, but because these are unique items, small changes in color, finish and size are acceptable.

Material: Jade, Marble, Soap stone
Age: Newly made
Size (Ø): 12 cm

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