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Han repro pot with long straight neck

€169.00 EUR

Sometimes shapes and aesthetics will last through the ages! You can definitely see popular ancient shapes back in our Han Repro pots! Our newly made pots are inspired by the S-shape of ancient Chinese ritual vessels, called Hu. 

Thousands of years ago, a Hu vase would have been cast in bronze, heavily decorated, and used as ritual wine vessels. During the Han dynasty (2000 years ago) these Hu pots were made from earthenware and were used in daily life and as burials gifts. 

The production of Hu vases continued throughout Chinese history. You can see the typical curving pear-shape reflected in porcelain Ming vases and elegant Song pots. Our reproduction pot are inspired by the simple Hu vases from the Han dynasty and reproduced in the same kind of unglazed earthenware as has been used 2000 years ago!

The pot looks fabulous in combination with Rustic or Shabby Chic interiors! Add one of these pots to your table today!

Age: New
Colour: Brown, gray
Material: Earthenware
Finish: unglazed
Origin: Zhejiang province, China
Size (LxWxH): circa 20x20x36 cm

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