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Green in your interior!

Stone buddha head on green grass Turquoise ginger pot

Green - the colour of nature, of freshness, progress and rebirth. The colour of Spring that has finally arrived! The Pantone Color Institute choose as one of the colours for the year 2017 the reinvigorating ‘Greenery’. A colour, they say, that lets us breathe and relax. Let us list some reasons why green is also the colour for your interior this year!

Do you know what happens to your body when you are in the presence of the colour green? Your body literally calms down! Green soothes, reliefs stress and even improves creativity. All good reasons to add more green objects or decorations to your interior.

The freshness of green make it a great colour for bathrooms and kitchens. The soothing quality of green is ideal in living rooms and bedrooms. Inspire more creativity by adding green to your work space. Really, you can add green anywhere!

Ethnic textiles with green accents Turquoise ginger pot

The human eye is very sensitive to this colour and can discern the most different shades within green than any other colour. This allows you to decorate your entire room in green colours if you like and still have enough contrast, richness and balance for a pleasing interior.

Green has very positive connotations in many cultures. In the West, it is the colour of Easter and fertility. In Iran, green symbolises paradise. In Japan, green is the colour of eternal life, and in China, green was the most wanted colour in jade stones which had magical powers and could grant immortality (see our previous blog post "From the lands of Asia..").

Bi discs in green tints Turquoise antique candle holders Pots beneath green leaves

People often put plants and flowers in their houses for a freshness and calming quality. You give flowers as presents or as a cheering-up. But did you know that green plants have another extraordinary quality? Green objects and plants visually recede; they seem to stand further from the observer than they actually are. This means that green plants in your interior can visually enlarge the room! More greenery in the garden, like grass or leaf-y trees, has the same effect. That is why your garden looks bigger in late spring than in winter!

Have a green thumb? Now spring has arrived, we can turn some of our attention back to our gardens. Beside planting new flowers or other greenery, we will have to look for new garden decorations. Maybe some unique old pots? Or a new ethnic hand printed tablecloth?

You have go the ‘green light’ to look for your new Spring decorations!

  • March 24, 2017
  • Margret Ressang

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