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How to turn a decorative antique pot into a beautiful planter

What is more beautiful than an unique basket or antique pot occupying the spotlight in your interior? We are in love with the cracked glazings, beautiful hues and colours, the shape and details that can be found on many old containers. Many of these pots and vessels look great on their own, but they can enhance and upgrade any interior with the addition of flowers!

We can imagine you would be a little hesitant in turning an old pot into a vase for flowers. Fertilisers, salts in the soil, algae and water can leave behind many deposits and marks which can affect the look of the pot or containers. Don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks for you on how to prepare old pottery and wooden containers for flowers and greens!

Glazed, half-glazed or unglazed pots

The easiest pottery for holding cut flowers will be glazed pottery. Is your pot or vase glazed from top to bottom? Than you can pour water in it, place the flowers and put the bouquet on your table without worries.

Rice wine bottles were used to hold liquids, so they will not give you any trouble with flowers!

rice wine bottle pottery orchid

Some pottery is unglazed or only half-glazed; the bottom might be unglazed. This poses no problems when you place the pot outside, but inside the house the pot might leave watery markings behind. This happens when the unglazed pottery starts to ‘sweat’; the baked clay evaporates water especially when the air is warm. The best solution to keep the pot and your furniture in the best condition possible is using a glass vase inside the pot itself!

If a glass vase or other container does not fit in the pot, you can place a little plate underneath the pot so you will not get any markings on your wooden table or dressoir.

Of course, any glazed or unglazed pottery we offer can also be placed outside in summer! The rain, sunshine and grass will weather your pots, but this effect is seen as desirable by many gardeners and exterior designers! Just watch out for winter time and frost. Freezing temperatures might crack pots when they contain any amount of water.

Protecting wooden baskets and buckets

Besides pottery and glass, we often put flowers and plants into wooden containers. The weathered look is beautiful in many shabby chic and rural interiors and exteriors. Soil, water and weather affects the wood, but it is a great natural look you get over time.

Lacquered wood comes alive when combined with young greens, but we would like to keep the lacquer intact.

Put a piece of plastic inside any wooden container you would like to protect from the water and earth of plants. This makes it also easier to clean! When the plants need water, take them out of the container and let them soak up some water in the sink. Because plastic is non-poreus, the soil stays moist longer in plastic than in clay pots.

outside terrace planters pots, baskets flowers

So do not let the age of the pot or container keep you from using it as you see fit! Do you have other tips for protecting your beloved pots or wooden buckets? Share the love and knowledge with others and leave a comment!

  • March 17, 2017
  • Margret Ressang

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