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Chinese Tea container in various colours

€95.00 EUR

When we buy loose leave tea nowadays we keep it in small, airtight containers or in the little cardboard and plastic bags from the store. Tea is very good in absorbing odours from its environment so it is very necessary to keep it away from anything smelly! In China, tea was stored in porcelain or (un)glazed jars over the millennia. The jars were then kept in cool places that experienced little temperature fluctuation. Young tea improves its flavour over time and the jars kept odours away from the developing tea. These square pots are newly made and based upon the design of old Chinese tea containers. Their shape made it easier to store large quantities of tea.

Our pots were not made to hold tea again, but are used as decorations; to bring back old designs for modern interiors! The top is removable and covers the square, glazed neck of the pot. Because the pot is completely glazed, you can use this pot as a flower vase in your house!

Age: Newly made
Material: Ceramic
Origin: Jiangsu province, China
Size (LxWxH): 21x21x37cm

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